Yesterday, I finally surrendered to my friend’s week long insistence to watch this movie called Ezra. As the film was in Malayalam, a south Indian language which I absolutely had no clue about, I entered the movie theater with zero expectations and a minimum hope of at least finding English subtitles to understand the film. However, to my utter dismay the film turned out to be a horror flick and that too without subtitles!

Thankfully my friend did a great job of a translator.

Ezra Poster

Ezra Poster

Duration: 2h 26m

Genre: Horror, Drama

Director: Jayakrishnan (Jay K)

Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas, Sudev Nair

Rating: 3.5/5

Plot: A young couple, Niranjan Mathews (Prithviraj) and Priya Raghuram (Priya Anand) shift to Kochi from Mumbai where Ranjan takes the charge of a giant Nuclear waste disposal plant. Meanwhile, Priya in an attempt to decorate her new house ends up buying an antique box from a local antiques shop. However, things take a different turn as Priya opens the mysterious box.

What’s good?

The cinematography of this film takes the limelight! The horror element of the film majorly depended on the camera angles and the shots taken, which was fantastic in this film. The story line and the actors were good too. The film stars Mollywood superstar Prithviraj but here I would also like to mention the newcomer Sudev Nair who could make his presence felt with his great performance despite a brief appearance.

The sets were gigantic and the setting and feel seemed perfect. The film also had some really good music that could connect you with the story and the mood of the scenes.

What’s not?

Certain scenes and explanations didn’t make much sense. Also, the climax especially the exorcism scene could have been done better.

What to do?

The film did give some chills.  Apart from that, the film did score well as an overall package. The film was at par with the popular Hollywood horror flicks, albeit being a regional movie and made on a much lower budget. Definitely, worth watching.





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