Jaby Koay YouTuber

Jaby Koay reacting on the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them trailer.

Jaby Koay aka Anthony Alba is one of the most well known faces for trailer reactions on YouTube. Although his channel started in 2006, it was in 2015 that he gained immense popularity especially through Bollywood trailer reactions. He has definitely created a  niche for himself in this genre with legions of Indian fans following his channel regularly.

What’s good?

He seems to have good technical knowledge about filming. He knows his subject well and what he is speaking about when he criticizes a trailer or a movie for something, unlike the other YouTube channels where the trailers and movies are being judged at random.

What’s not? 

Language barrier is always a problem when it comes to Bollywood trailer reactions. Of course, he can’t be blamed for that. He is mostly accurate in guessing the plots through the subtitles. But sometimes, he wouldn’t understand the dialogues in a way an Indian would do, and that as an error  can be considered negligible.

What to do?

Give his videos a try as he is a pretty good YouTuber who has his skills in the right place.



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