Girliyapa: Maa Ke Haath Mein Steering

Girliyapa is an Indian YouTube channel discussing serious women’s issues in a comical way. There stories revolve around ordinary  and independent women who are troubled with the stereotypical and sexist outlook of other people.

This is a humorous story about a mother who tries to learn driving but gets constantly bugged by her husband:

Duration: 6m 49secs

Director: Raghav Subbu

Cast: Nidhi Singh, Lovleen Misra, Gopal Dutt

Rating: 4/5

Plot: Inspired by her daughter Nikki’s driving skills, Nikki’s mother decides to learn to drive her husband’s car. With Nikki putting sincere efforts to teach, what starts off as an exciting driving lesson, soon turns into a chaos of family matters. Will she learn to drive?

What’s good?

Despite the story touching a serious issue of how men live with this prejudice that all women are bad drivers without even letting them try is projected in a light hearted and comical manner. The dialogues are great and so is the entire cast. Each one of them brought an individuality and life to their characters. They belong to the same family but yet are so different individually and in their opinions.

What’s not?

The age old perception that women can’t drive well especially mothers was taken way too seriously and the annoying husband kept on passing comments on her which in a way was discouraging.

What to do?

Watch it because they talk about some serious women related concerns which is universal.


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