Superwoman- Being the Bawse on her own right! #GirlLove

Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII has become a YouTube revolution on her own right. With her original content, sass and powerful personality, she rarely fails to touch the hearts of her viewers and subscribers.

The reigning queen of YouTube with 10 Million subscribers, almost a year ago started the #GirlLove campaign across the internet. The campaign is not just restricted to its core motive of eradicating the girl-on-girl hate but also to fund the education of girls across the globe. So, basically it’s all about woman empowerment. To Lilly’s surprise many celebrities like Michelle Obama, Priyanka Chopra (to name a few) and other fellow YouTubers came to support her cause.

Here is a short review of her video ‘The #GirlLove Challenge’:

The video showcases the best of the women youtubers. A great way of using fellow YouTubers (who are competitors in a way!) speaking and promoting your cause which in turn will grab you more viewers. This further broke the monotony of this six minute long video as the viewer could enjoy some really good variations through their favourite  youtubers and know the opinion. But, frankly, this idea is definitely worth promoting.

The tone of the video is right. The way the issue has been projected and planned is really amazing and engaging.

#Fact: all the money earned through watching and sharing this video will be donated to the  Malala Fund for the education of underprivileged girls.


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