Welcome To My Blog!

While I love to watch movies and read, I thought it would be great to share my opinions on the same. Although I am not someone who is very technically equipped with things like the professional critics are but I am definitely a diligent viewer  and hence a reviewer.

This blog will eventually cover all the possible categories of films that can be created beginning from 90’s as I am a 90’s baby.

Also, while I google, I could never find a proper review or article about the YouTubers or any of their special videos.It’s like I love Superwoman, she’s absolutely awesome but that doesn’t mean that I can’t criticize some of her strategies and actions which I don’t like. Even the other newcomers on YouTube should get their due chance and people can pick the best out of the lot or get some idea about them by reading reviews.

I’ll soon post my first blog story. Hope you guys enjoy and do let me know if you have a different opinion on the things I post because I would love to know and understand a different perspective (that’s actually one of my mottos why I created this blog).


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